Sometimes it’s just about getting up in the morning and forcing yourself to do it. When it’s something you love, that’s pretty easy. But do you love doing what you love every minute of every day? Probably not. But that’s the price you pay to achieve a goal. Getting up and doing it.

So, yes, it can be a slog sometimes. But I enjoy a good slog. Some of the good things about my current slog:

It’s a thrill to have readers. There’s the reviews, but readers have also emailed me with specific suggestions, corrections and encouragement, which has been wonderful.

Writing books is getting easier. Getting feedback and reviews for my first two books has been a big help. I’m getting good tips on what’s working and what’s not.

I’m getting to know my characters! They’re growing and becoming more real the more I write about them. It’s like I have a rich fantasy life, and I just pour it onto the paper.

One of my favorite things about writing is having written. I think Garrison Keillor said that. Sometimes when writing I get into a groove and lose track of time. That’s an amazing feeling, but it’s still hard work plotting out stories and working out the logic, thinking about what makes sense to go where, and what should be cut. So, yeah, the best part is when I can look back on a day and see three or four chapters completed.

On to the next day!