Are you ready for blast off? I sure am! The launch of my first book, Awakened: Book One of the Mind Agents Series is tomorrow, and you have every reason to be as excited about this launch as I am. Why? First off, the book is already starting to get some great reviews on GoodReads — 4.3 star average so far! (And as you may know, those folks are tough over there.) Do you like paranormal thrillers? Psychic superheroes? This is your book!

Get even more excited because it’s still not too late to join my launch team and enter a drawing to win some AMAZING prizes. I’m really pulling out all the stops on this. After all, this is my first novel, so I’m not just launching a book, I’m launching a career.

Please join my street team here if you haven’t already. Since I’m new, there isn’t a lot of competition, and you have an EXCELLENT chance of winning one of the prizes, which include $75 amazon gift card, a free audiobook, and more!

Here’s that link again for the hyperlink-impaired:

Any questions? Shoot me an email at